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A Guide on Rhetoric

An informative presentation on the art of rhetoric. Rhetoric gives its wielder the ability to change how things are seen, heard, and felt.

Notable Example

An Ideal Education System for a Unified Europe 

Jackson is an accomplished participant in Model UN, who has also been a prolific participant in Model European Union. His plan for a unified European educational system in the midst of a continental epidemic is especially relevant today. Jackson was given the prestigious award of Best Delegate for his work to guide the committee to competently and justly respond to the crisis.  

Jackson acted as the former Greek Minister of Education,Kostas Gavroglou, serving in both the Greek cabinet and the Council of the EU EYCS (the body in charge of guiding EU countries' education policy). Unfortunately, a plague started in Romania which shut down all of the EU's schools. It was EYCS' responsibility to make sure no member states' students were left behind during the switch to digital learning.

It is ironic to think that the Model UN community was inadvertently planning for the COVID-19 outbreak nearly a year before the first case was reported. 

Screenshot 2020-03-28 at 15.30.24.png
Screenshot 2020-03-28 at 15.39.49.png
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International Model UN

Jackson has traveled extensively for Model United Nations both inside and outside of the United States. He has won numerous awards including one at the prestigious Yale Model Government Europe conference located in Budapest, Hungary, and another at Harvard Model Congress Europe located in Madrid, Spain.


Furthermore, Jackson was accepted to the highly selective crisis committees of the Harvard run HACIA summit which was unfortunately canceled by the outbreak of COVID-19. 

It has been both Jackson's pleasure and honor to represent the United States on the international MUN circuit along with the other members of the All-American Travel team.


What Jackson is Working On

Senior Project: an analysis of the benefits and hinderances of the two-party System.

Jackson will be examining the effects of the two party system on culture, policy, and the perceptions of the political system. 

Global Studies Capstone

Jackson is creating a Capstone on Thucydides Trap and how it influences our understanding of International Relations.

Social Justice Workshop

Jackson ran a Social Justice Workshop on dissent. The workshop examined different types of dissent, their effectiveness, and when the various methods are appropriate. 

Eagle Scout Project

Jackson is currently a candidate for Eagle Scout and must complete and Eagle Project. Jackson's project focuses on organizing a drive for laptops and tablets. These electronic devices will be distributed to senior citizens who have become isolated by the pandemic.

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